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Strong through diversity

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Laan van Westenenk 50
7336 AZ  Apeldoorn

T: +31 (0) 55 541 1430

Honing Beheer is the parent company of national and international organisations that supply a broad range of equipment and systems employing the latest technology. They are jointly characterised by a strong desire to innovate, by a commitment to customer service, and by a pro-active attitude. As a result, all of these companies now occupy leading positions in their own markets.

Honing group companies are particularly strong in the development, design and manufacture of equipment and systems to improve indoor climates. The exchange of knowledge and experience in the group results in a synergy from which all customers profi t directly or indirectly. This cross-pollination of expertise, combined with the pro-active stance of each company, results in great benefi ts for customers: world-renowned quality products, in both bespoke and standard solutions.