A broad specialised wholesaler

Indumex is the technical wholesaler of the Honing Group specialising in electric motion and drive technology, and air treatment. A strong history, dating from 1948, led to today’s distinctive company with its extensive stock of competitively priced products.

Expert in high quality ventilation

Established in Carlow Ireland Imofa Ltd is specialised in high quality ventilation products. The company was established in the group in 1987 specifically for the manufacture of fans, fan drives and controls.

Global player in mobile heating

Thermobile Industries B.V. is an experienced world player in mobile air heating, fi rmly rooted in Breda. For more than 45 years, this company from the Honing Beheer Group has had a reputation for providing the highest quality mobile air heaters to the construction, events, agricultural and horticultural industries.

Honing Beheer B.V. - Strong through diversity

Honing Beheer is the parent company of national and international organisations that supply a broad range of equipment and systems employing the latest technology. They are jointly characterised by a strong desire to innovate, by a commitment to customer service, and by a pro-active attitude. As a result, all of these companies now occupy leading positions in their own markets.

A wealth of experience in air treatment

Thermo Air is founded on more than sixty years of knowledge and experience in the air treatment industry. This family business’s power lies in its fl exibility and the practical approach of its employees, which guarantees quick and reliable deliveries. Quality and vision are the pillars of the success of Thermo Air.

Danpak International is specialised in the development and production of aluminium packaging materials. This fl exible specialist supplies a broad range of completely recyclable containers, trays and caissons with a wide variety of applications, from takeaway menus to bakery products.

Flexible expert in aluminium packaging

Imofa UK has been fi rmly established in the UK air handling and ventilation product market since1992. A British subsidiary of the Honing Group, Imofa UK specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of quality air handling equipment.

Quality bespoke indoor climate solutions