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Thermo Air is founded on more than sixty years of knowledge and experience in the air treatment industry. This family business's power lies in its fl exibility and the practical approach of its employees, which guarantees quick and reliable deliveries. Quality and vision are the pillars of the success of Thermo Air.

This subsidiary company within the Honing Beheer Group works closely with its clients, especially where creative solutions are required. Together with the customer, the technicians of Thermo Air strive towards the optimum result The approach is always personal, direct and professional. 

Thermo Air develops air treatment products that contribute to a better indoor climate. Quality, energy savings and innovation are key factors in the company's work methods, from design to final production. By developing and manufacturing customer-specific solutions, a company with a high level of service has been created. This is what has set Thermo Air apart for many years and created a strong customer base worldwide. 

The companies own laboratories and development facilities play a central role within the organisation. Through synergy, flexibility, innovation and optimisation, all products not only comply with international standards, but also satisfy the company's own high standards. This enables ThermoAir to provide its customers with high quality products with long life performance. By combining its expertise in the area of air heating, air treatment, heat recovery and ventilation Thermo Air can solve any type of internal climaterelated technical problem.